A mashup of Breakout and something vaguely roguelite / platformery. Run in full screen for best results if playing in the browser. 

Rate my game on the Ludum Dare site! Super Dungeon Freakout on ldjam.com

As so often the case with game jam games, bugs are lurking, so hit refresh if something breaks too horribly for your tastes. Known bug: if you're hugging a wall you can't throw your shield into it. Try stepping back!

WASD or cursors to move. Space to jump. Left ctrl to throw your shield. Can you climb to the exit before the rising lava claims you?

Tip- your shield throw is in the direction of travel, so try and master the jump & throw / fall & throw combo.

Made with love, and also Unity, Photoshop (not that you'd know it from the quality) Logic Pro Audio, wonky physics and guitars.


Super Dungeon Freakout (Mac build) 19 MB
Super Dungeon Freakout (PC build) 14 MB
Super Dungeon Freakout source.zip 30 MB

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