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Strive, and ultimately fail, to satisfy the eternal restlessness of the soul through the  acquisition of material possessions. But as a dinosaur!

This is a shopping game where you furnish your home by ordering stuff on the TV and it arrives in your house. Click on your new possessions to appreciate them. 

Ever get to the end of a game jam and find you're missing a key feature? Me too. I didn't get around to implementing any kind of currency, so all the stuff is FREE! Also, there was going to be a time constraint and some sort of metric of whether you are making a happy house by filling it with stuff (clue: you aren't) and I wanted to have a dinosaur life partner* who would return every day, top up your bank balance, and judge your home making performance. None of that made it in. And there aren't very many things you can buy because I ran out of time to make assets.

Enough about what this game doesn't have! What does it have?

-It has an animated dinosaur with a burgeoning sense of materialist ennui!
-It has an anarchist home shopping channel that just gives you stuff. Instantly!
-It has crudely drawn furniture that can be interacted with in a snarkish manner!
-It also has music. and a sound effect!**

All assets and code 100% created from scratch in 48 hours by a single human for Global Game Jam '19 at the amazing Hacksmiths site at Goldsmiths University.

* there was also going to be an option to choose your protagonist's gender and sexuality. It wasn't actually going to produce gameplay effects, so can we actually assume that feature is complete? GAY DINOSAURS

** known bug: the sound effect doesn't work.

Install instructions

No 'quit' button in this build. Just unplug your computer when you want it to stop.


JVS_a02.app.zip 19 MB

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